About Srta. Rodriguez

Rodriguez,NInstilling a passion to learn languages has been my primary focus since I began my teaching journey in 2005. I graduated with a B.A. in Spanish, M.Ed in Language Education and a Reading Specialist certification from The Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.

I have been actively involved within the Spanish learning and teaching communities, thanks to social media and a variety of professional development events dedicated to enriching the language learning experience. Dedicating much time to infusing creativity into my daily teaching with authentic resources and scenarios, I aim to involve every student within their own reflective learning process in the acquisition of another language. Students immerse themselves in the target language through classroom activities both in and outside of our school that provide rich, meaningful contexts for their learning. Incorporating technology, ingenuity and fostering a positive learning environment are just some aspects of my own pedagogy and philosophy in teaching. I look forward to sharing my own experiences and hope to gather feedback from readers or other bloggers who are like-minded.

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Presentations & Resources Shared:

Digital Storytelling in the World Language Classroom & Beyond! NJEA Convention, Atlantic City, November 2012

Website: Digital Storytelling in World Languages

Early Language Development and Language Learning Disabilities, Spring 2013

Pinterest for Educators TeachMeetNJ, August 2013

The Power of Social Media FLENJ Spring Conference, March 2014 (*Selected as Best of NJ)

Transitioning to The “Pascack” Schedule Teacher Study Group, Montclair State University, June 2014

Reading Strategies for Authentic & Fictional Texts PVRHSD, July 2014

Pascack Valley Regional’s Virtual Day Google Educators, New York, New York October 2014

Get Connected! NJEA Convention, Atlantic City, November 2014

The Power of Pinterest! ACTFL Annual Convention, San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 2014

Let’s MovieTalk! FLENJ Spring Conference, New Brunswick, New Jersey, February 2015

The Power of Pinterest! ISTE Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 2015

Let’s MovieTalk! ACTFL National Conference, San Diego, California, Nov. 2015

The Power of Social Media: Using Twitter & Pinterest, NECTFL, New York, NY, Feb. 2016  (2014 Best of NJ Presentation) (Flyer)

Get #Techified! Using Google in the World Language Classroom, FLENJ, New Brunswick, NJ, Feb. 2016 (Flyer)

Top Ten Formative Assessment Tools, FLENJ, New Brunswick, NJ, Feb. 2016 (Flyer)

Supporting ELLs with Text-Based Comprehension and Communication Skills, Webinar. Feb. 2016

Designing Backwards: Standards-Based Assessment Techniques, FLENJ, Monroe Township, NJ, March 2016 (Flyer)

Your Digital Library Awaits! WL Tech Institute, Montvale, NJ, August 2016

Giving Every Student a Voice! WL Tech Institute, Montvale, NJ, August 2016

#techifying your IPAs WL Tech Institute, Montvale, NJ, August 2016

Bringing Words to Life   NECTFL & FLENJ, Feb. 2017/April 2017

Let’s MovieTalk 2.0  Ramsey Public Schools & AATSP Feb/April 2017

Empowering All Writers NECTFL New York, NY 2018 & ACTFL New Orleans, LA 2018

Tech Garden: PearDeck FLENJ, Iselin, NJ April 2018

Fostering Compassion & Global Awareness in All Learners FLENJ 2018, NYATC 2019

Top Five Tech Tools I LOVE! FLENJ Summer Refresher, August 2018

Designing Backwards: Standards-Based Assessment Techniques, Global Language Project Webinar, January 2019

Utilizing Intercultural Can-Do Statements, Global Language Project NYATC, February 2019

UnCon: Top Tech Tools, NECTFL New York, NY February 2019

Authentic Discourse in the World Language Classroom, NECTFL, New York, NY February 2019

Advancing Language Learners into the 21st Century, LRCC Workshop, New Jersey, February 2019

Digital Assessments in the 21st Century, Rutgers University, March 2019

Reading & Writing Strategies for ALL! FLENJ Annual Conference, April 2019

Backwards Unit Design with Culturally Relevant Spanish Readers, FLENJ Annual Conference, April 2019

Pre-Reading & Viewing Strategies with Technology Tools, FLENJ Summer Refresher, New Brunswick, NJ August 2019

Breaking Barriers: Using the Global Goals to Collaborate, Pequannock Tech Summit 5.0, Pequannock, NJ October 2019

Strengthening Roots & Fostering Growth, Paramus World Language Department Workshop, Paramus, NJ October 2019

Let’s Rise Using Authentic Resources, Paramus World Language Department, Paramus, NJ January 9, 2020

The Cultural Lens through Literacy Ramsey World Language Department Workshop, Ramsey, NJ January 2020

Literacy at Every Level (Brandon Brown quiere un perro focus*) Paramus World Language Department, Paramus, NJ March 2020

Developing Interculturality Through Top Tech Tools, FLENJ Annual Summer Refresher, August 2020


Building Literacy in World Languages

Historias Digitales de Todos

edCamp for Music Educators 


World Language Summer Technology Institute  (2016 Event Photos)

WeTeachLanguages Podcast, Episode 20


September 26, 2015, the first #edcampWL with this amazing team! 


October 8, 2016, the second #edcampWL! Our team grows! 

The THIRD #edcampWL organizer crew! October 2017 


NECTFL 2016 


FLENJ Annual Conference 2016, Get #Techified 

Designing Backwards

FLENJ 2016 Workshop, Designing Backwards: Standards-Based Assessment Techniques 

Presenters Tuesday.JPG

WL Tech Institute, Summer 2016, Presenters from Interpersonal Communication Day

Collab Cafe Group Wednesday.JPG

WL Tech Institute, Summer 2016, Collaboration Cafe


NYATC Workshops through the Global Language Project, Feb. 2019 


Authentic Discourse Workshop with Lori Langer de Ramirez, NECTFL, Feb. 2019




7 thoughts on “About Srta. Rodriguez

  1. Hi Srta. Rodriguez! Do you have an email link so I can receive your posts? I am new to blogging and a new Spanish teacher. 🙂 Also, I am searching for preteen songs that are more mature than children’s Spanish songs but appropriate for preteens. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
    Roz Robertson

  2. Hi Srta. Rodriguez! I don’t have a twitter but I wanted to thank you for sending the time capsule letter I completely forgot about it. I always had a lot of fun in your class and remembered the awesome projects like a power point story I made with two other kids about an onion being sad because he smelled. Thank you for bettering me in Spanish and I wish you a wonderful life!

  3. Great sites! Thank You! BTW #13 is from Michigan State University, not the University of Michigan. (They’re not the same.)

  4. Pingback: We Teach Languages Episode 20: Language Supervision and Creating Professional Development Opportunities with Noemi Rodriguez – we teach langauges

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